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Click here to help support a good family in a time of need.

Hey my followers! i know i havent been on in months but i have been having a lot of problems logging in on my phone and i am rarely on my computer any more. Im asking if yall can please find it to repost this and spread the word. i know many of us are not able to help with making a donation but by spreading the word about the need its bound to hit someone. 

This family are close friends to me and it hurts me to see them this way. they are in need of medical and transportation costs because of having to go out of town to  receive treatment. Spreading the word helps more then most think. Just by reposting or sharing on facebook or even tweeting this you are sending a message to more people then just those in our small community and few friends. 

My hopes is that this becomes like wild fire spreading and hopefully some can help answer this prayer. Again any help would be apprecated.

Much love and thanks

Maegan ♥
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